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As the Dragster name implies, the bike was designed with a long wheel-base and a radical combination of drag bike and sport cruiser dynamics. It is unique in its styling, extremely rideable and easy to service. As an absolute; it does not have anything that isn’t contributing to the highest performance standards possible for a street-legal machine. There’s also no guesswork involved in its fabrication. All of the machines frame pieces are CNC milled to exacting tolerances…

Signature design cues on the Dragster include:

  • Cradle-less tubular frame with an internal oil circulating system within its backbone.

  • One piece billet aluminum swingarm with fully adjustable shock mount; mesh pocket milled to reduce weight and ensure rigidity.

  • Modular seat strut system designed for easy customization.

  • Minimalist aluminum transmission and battery support assembly.

  • Sweeping, aerodynamic Fighter-jet style headlight nacelle.

  • Low-slung teardrop fuel cell.

There are plenty of custom bike builders out there making interesting variations of the same thing…beautiful motorcycles that will turn a spectator’s head, but not inspire more than a shallow confidence in the rider. The Dragster was essentially designed to fill an underdeveloped niche in the industry; a v-twin bike that performed as well as it looked. Our 240 gets worn to its edges…a rare thing in today’s fat-tire customs. All of us on the Pantera team have logged plenty of seat time on our prototype and none of us were left anything short of amazed. We’re sure that you will be too.

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