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In the fall of 2004 Pantera Custom Motorcycle Design debuted its initial prototype on the cover of Robb Report Motorcycling Magazine. The incredible response received from that exposure was extremely validating for the Pantera Design team. Just three years prior, the company’s founders had been heavily involved in the distribution of another motorcycle brand. As distributors, they found themselves perpetually at the mercy of continuous manufacturer mismanagement issues. They soon came to the realization that they simply weren’t cut out to be in the middle and that their own proprietary motorcycle design was well within their means to develop.

The Dragster concept was created by Hector Valdes, the company’s Concept Designer and Managing Partner. Every component on the bike was conceptualized and rendered on his drafting table and completed on CAD by Charles More, the company’s Technical Supervisor. Over a two year period, thanks to a very supportive customer base, the team was able to take that design from concept to working prototype. The end result is a new breed of American V-twin cruiser that can prodigiously put the power to the rear without sacrificing maneuverability, styling or comfort.

Take one look at the finished product and judge for yourself. The Dragster is a stand alone machine. These days anyone can put together a motorcycle with catalog parts and a standard frame……not everyone can build a Pantera.

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